Wedding Cinematography

Candid Wedding Video – Sandali & Suneth Trailer

Customer Recommendation –

“Hi guys,
This is a recommendation about the video team who does my wedding and wedding pre shoot  
as a person who is in the wedding industry i have worked with many people and i have seen many peoples work.
so we thought of doing a wedding video for our wedding and we went to meet Nadun Dissanayake for discuss about our wedding and wedding pre shoot both. 
from the very beginning it wasn’t that much hard to communicate and discuss about the video and as we wanted, we didn’t pose a lot¬†and it was really fun and stressed free the whole time. we had our time for talk to guests, eat and dance because¬†Cine Dreams¬†was very helpful and they didn’t push us for the video..
in the end, this is the video what i always wanted and it is beautiful as i imaged..
Thank u so much¬†Nadun Dissanayake¬†for doing me this wedding video”¬† –¬†
Sandali Batuwantudawe