Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Cinematography in Sri Lanka

Everyone ask “What is the difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematography ?” But they don’t get the correct answer for that.
Videography is capturing the scene from start to end. It gives only a coverage for a moment. It is not a creative thing or any storytelling. There is no dramatic camera angles. Have you ever seen a cameramen with a huge trypod, keep it in-front of the Poruwa or during the Ceremony. with a massive light infront of you, that lights up your dance floor too. Have you watched a long, boring wedding video ??

But Wedding Cinematography is different. For that we take breathtaking shots of your wedding day. We don’t stuck with the main shot. numbers of cinematographers takes natural and emotional things at your wedding day. After that we create lasts about 30 minutes clip of your wedding day with a beautiful music and songs. It continuously holds the attention of the viewers.


Our goal is to make sure that your wedding day is perfect. When you hire Cinedreams Production, you are hiring experts who know how important your wedding day is. From start to finish we will Record every aspect of your wedding carefully and discretely. We offers discretion Hi-quality digital shooting and editing techniques for Wedding Coverage Also flexible range of packages and options you can choose from that will best suit your wedding day.  All our wedding Videos are shot in high-definition and recorded DVD and Blu-Ray disks. Also 4k resolution packages are available in 2018 Year. Because we believe it is very important to capture your day with crystal clear quality details and with vivid colors.